How To Disable Google Play Services On Android To Save Battery

Update:Download , added Version 87 fixes compatibility with Google's November security update that used to cause boot loops as soon as at least one module was activated. Anyone who is able to gain access to your Google account can silently install root or full permission apps without any user interaction what-so-ever. We also provide some tricks like how to remove google search bar, how to disable WhatsApp status bar that is most recommended and praised by public.

After some try n error, i think the problem is on the Google Play Service Update… after uninstalling the update and back to the factory version, the popup error saying google play service has stopped..” has disappear. La dernière version 9.8 ajoute quelques nouveautés dont Google a publié la liste.

As Liliputing reported over the weekend, all you have to do is run a batch file put together by an XDA forums user. You can also disable the Wake up calls of the Google now, which keep on detecting the sound signals, thus consuming battery. The download is impossible: error while syncing your Google account or insufficient cache memory.

If you run in guest mode, anything you do will be erased after you reboot you PC… and since the instructions require a reboot, that means there's currently no way to install the Play Store in guest mode. Apparently, the reason why Google Play Services gives an error on CM13/14 is the improper implementation of Google Webview or the lack of it. But you can easily fix this by going your phone's Developer options under settings.

XDA recognized contributor, aclegg2011, has recently shared a simple fix to resolve this problem on your Android device, after installing the Marshmallow update. Tried getting on to the internet… which finally did work and i got to this page on the phone , and clicked on the download the updated version of google play services here.. and it tried and then said something went wrong….


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