Fix Google Play Services Crash (Problem That Surfaced Couple Days Ago)

Xposed framework, is one of the best mod available for the Android operating system oriented smartphones and tablets, which are already rooted.  Check if is turned on by default, and if it isn't, just enable all permissions for Google Play services to function smoothly. While this initially seemed cool acessing and viewing a few video files which played by ES Player, the Google Sheets files are converted.

Maps API (v2): Translates calls to Google Maps API into calls to OpenScienceMap Displays a map thanks to a lib developed within the OpenScienceMap project. I have Keep Awake and Wake Up set to deny for Google Play Services on my privacy settings. A replacement map api would be the one that would interest me the most as it would allow me to install the large number of free apps that wont even install unless you also have Google Maps.

I guess most of the Android users might have seen this error while using the Google Play Store. Actually the Google Play has installed successfully on your device but the original Amazon Launcher doesn't recognize it. In order to solve this problem, you need to install a new launcher.

However this did not go smoothly as the whole Play Services disappeared after the process. Google Play could be wrapped in a launcher app that automatically grants it network access prior to launch, and then disables it upon leaving the window. Please note, this method cannot make Google Play Store app work on Amazon Fire tablet.

This is not an issue as a work-around is to buy it on your PC first and then download it to your Ouya via Google Play later. In other words, install the Google Account Manager APK first, then the Google Services Framework APK, followed by the Google Play Services APK, and then the Google Play Store APK to finish it out.

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